Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adam asks about the hobo life

 Wanted to see if you were still pursuing your career as a HOBO. Hope to see you on 5th street very soon.

Adam Gonzales


Ah, yes. It’s going well.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is take a nap.

I don’t iron my shirts and I don’t use bleach when I wash my socks.

How are you doing?

I hope you are still creative and disobedient.

"Don’t let school get in the way of your education."

"Don’t follow leaders.
Watch your parking meters."


There's the Mr. Wright I miss. HAHAHAHA. But, seriously where are you staying? How have you been? Did you move out of state? country? Highschool is going okay, I guess. Grades are kicking my butt still just like Middle School. Lol. Have a good day Mr. Wright. You are one of the reasons I actually want to pay attention in English class but, there will never be a class that will make me as happy and responsive like yours did. Thanks again Mr. Wright! Hope to see you soon.

Adam Gonzales

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Little Boxes

Mr. Wright,

I was a History/English student of yours at Morrill in 1993. You also taught me and a handful of others how to develop film in that tiny room behind our class after school. I was a C student on a good day. But you shocked me at our 8th grade commencement with a writing award.

Anyways. I saw in the news that Pete Seeger passed away this morning. I'm not a fan. But his song "Little Boxes" always reminds me of you and your class. You played it several times and let us discuss its meaning. That was a thought-provoking lesson and obviously left a lasting impression.

You were an awesome teacher and I was lucky to have crossed your path. I’m just sorry it took more than 20 years and the death of a folk musician to get around to thanking you.

I hope and trust this message finds you good spirits and fine health.


Kevin Powers


Hi Kevin!

Wow. Those were good days. Thank you reminding me. Good memories like that help balance out the bad memories of a couple of butt-head principals that came later.

I loved developing film and printing photographs and it was wonderful to share that with others.

A C student getting a writing award? Yep, some really good writers were D and F students too.

I'm glad you remembered Little Boxes and I hope nobody has put you into one. 

Thank you for writing. You made my day.

Goats For Peace

Hey Mr.Wright! I know its been a while, and this might not hold much importance. But I was just wondering if you think making a goats for peace club in my high school is good idea.

Your old 7th grade student,
Simon Cerezo


p.s. Sorry if I made any errors what so ever.


Simon! Hi!

I think making a Goats For Peace club in high school is a great idea.

A more than great idea.

A great, great idea.