Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From Ivy

Hi Mr. Wright!

It's nearly 3 AM but I can't sleep and it's summer anyway so I thought I'd write you. On your website. 

I can't believe it has already been 3 years since I first had you for language arts in 7th grade. I almost wasn't in your class, I was supposed to have Ms. Aggarwal for LA. But my schedule had two science classes and I got to pick one which resulted in my LA and History spots being switched and your class being the only available LA class I could be put into. That was a hectic day for me.

Anyway, I'm going to be a sophomore. Wow. 10th grade already. 
Freshman year was crazy, I hated English 1A and ended up having to see the therapist on campus and only went twice and a lot of other crazy things happened in between. I'm not excited for English 2A and regret picking that class. 

So, how are you? I miss having you as a teacher. I still remember those scary stories you told us on Halloween, and they still scare me today. I believed them until the end of eighth grade year. Remember how I was always so easily scared? And how sensitive I was? I'm not like that anymore. 

Okay, so, that was my mini letter/update to you! I'll talk about what we learned in English 1A and what books we read at some other point. 

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Ivy Tran


I'm glad to hear things are going well.

But you're no longer sensitive? 

That's a good thing?