Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi Mr. Wright. Are you still alive?
That’s a yes or no question in which the answer no can’t be given.
Be that as it may, the answer is yes.
North Korea hasn’t bombed us yet and every time a poisonous snake knocks on the door, I pretend I’m not home.
And though a lot of people die in their 60’s of old age, that hasn’t happened to me yet. 
Thanks for asking.
Who are you?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Broomella and Mr. Stick--together again

Broomella and Mr. Stick--together again

Stabbing a student with a fake knife

I wonder if you remember me. I miss your weirdness and Mr. Palla's fake knife that scared me me when you tried to stab a student and I thought it was real, haha. I hope things are well with you, high school is very fun! I hope to see you in the future! You should have signed my yearbook instead of shut the door in your last year, hahaha, its ok.

Tell Mr. Stick and his wife I said hi!

 Sincerely, your old 7th grade drama student, who almost played Hermia!"


You wanted me to sign your yearbook? Really? I thought you were a ninja..... The fake knife scared you? That's great!