Friday, October 18, 2013

Dead Water
By Mary Hunter Austin

At midnight drink no water,
For I have heard said
That at the stroke of midnight
All water goes dead.

You may drink the moment after,
Or the moment just before,
But it's better to be cautious
And wait a moment more

Till the clock is finished striking
And tomorrow is today-
Or you'll drink dead water
And wither quite away
Hi Mr. Wright. I was in your class back in 2012. How are you? Are you enjoying your retirement?


I'm fine. Thanks.
Am I enjoying my retirement?
Well, I enjoyed teaching and I miss it. That's for sure. Too bad I got too old, but that's what people do. As for retirement, I haven't yet stumbled on a good way to make use of it. I sleep in, wear sweat pants, putter around, drink coffee, talk to my chickens, feed my dog, read, wait for the mailman, look out the window. I was going to run for mayor of San Jose but they wanted a filing fee so I passed on that.