Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Hey Mr. Wright! It's Ivy Tran from two years ago. I remembered this website and decided to look at it. Aren't younafraid they can track you down using IP adresses or something? I'm in English 1A now. High school is fun, but I miss Morrill. We watched Schindler's List and, as usual, I hardly watched any of it since there was a lot of blood and gore and such. It was a good movie overall, though. I miss you and hope being a hobo isn't too hard on ya. There's a storm coming you know. Wait. If you're a hobo, are you walking to random places with free wifi? Oh well.
I'll update you about my studies again soon! I currently have all A's except forPhysics, which is a B+ and I am still in choir. I also have Algebra II and French A's well as well as the required PE course one. Bye now! "


Poison Ivy!!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you!!!!!!

Yes, I remember when we showed a Halloween video and it freaked you out. I still feel guilty about that.

I'm glad high school is fun. Fun is important. It's why I became a hobo.

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