Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Mr.Wright we miss you, you should come and visit us. BTW Mr. Winkler 'stole' your chalkboard.



Hi Andrew! I did visit. I was disguised as a substitute. You didn't recognize me? 

I saw you and Grace and Johnny and a lot of others.

I'm afraid that Morrill just doesn't seem like Morrill without Mr. Palla.

My classroom chalkboard is gone. That's what I hear. But it's no longer my classroom so I guess the Powers That Be can do whatever they want.

Chalkboards have soul. White Boards have the personality of a paper cup, to paraphrase Raymond Chandler.

I have a nice, big chalkboard on a wall in my living room. No kidding. I'll have to upload a photo of it one of these days.

I love chalkboards! 

I hope you are studying hard and doing all of your homework.

Are you having a good year?

How has Morrill changed, other than getting rid of all the chalkboards?

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