Friday, October 19, 2012

9/29/2012 Fyi, the video below "The return of Mr. Stick" has been blocked by YouTube on copyright grounds. I sense a conspiracy.

I'm going to see if I can upload another copy in a few days. It's such a nice video. 

10/9/2012  Hi this is a person who was in your 3rd period last year. U said i never done my homework
Guess who i am .....

I don't have to guess. I know who you are. Yep, you never done your homework. But that's OK. When I drive through McDonald's, don't forget to give me a senior coffee. It's only 50 cents.

10/10/2012 Hi mr.wright.  You are still my favortie teacher and full-time hobo.

Your favorite teacher? That makes me feel good. It's probably a lie, but it still makes me feel good. Favorite hobo too? That puts a smile on my hobo face.

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